Ragnhild Jevne is a Norwegian born artist, working with a spectrum of mixed media and technique, creating work with a distinctive style, skilled precision and an attention to detail that bares testament to her background as an Industrial Designer. She graduated with a First-class Honors degree in Industrial design from the Instituto Europe Di Milano in 2008 and more recently attended New York City’s School of Visual Arts, studying Graphics design. Her Graphic design work can be discovered at: http://ragnhildjevne.com/ 

Now based in Berlin after spending an extensive period on the road, living between Paris, Milan, London and more recently New York, her work is infused with influence and culture of her travels. Working freelance for over a decade with multiple fashion and advertising brands, it wasn’t until 2017 that she opted to pursue her art full time. Mental Mechanism is her debut collection, a series of 9 limited edition mixed media posters of re-drawn technical patents - once much celebrated, but now overlooked - she breathes life back into old feats of engineering and invention, that revolutionized industries, and paved the way for many of the conveniences we take for granted today.

Ragnhild has always been a lover of mechanics - as a child she dreamed of becoming an automotive designer, and her Mother still has piles of all of her early drawings of cars and automotives. Mental Mechanism is a fusion of all of her loves, her early obsessions with mechanics, her natural progression into industrial design and the more recent pivot into more graphical work and back to basics techniques. 

“I want to wake people up from their slumber of convenience and remind them of our progress and the journey taken to where we are now, and to pay tribute to some of the great minds and the teams of dreamers and doers that dared to think above their constrains and ultimately change the world. I hope to ignite an interest in the realities of industry, and give people pause for thought as to the consumerist cycle we are in. By taking note of, and seeing value in the process, I hope to inspire them to be more aware and therefore more sustainable”.

Ragnhild Jevne, 2018