Mental Mechanism is a Limited Edition poster series by Scandinavian artist, Ragnhild Jevne. 

A diverse but uniform collection of 9 unique designs, with a limited print run of 100 each. Once sold, each poster is hand-painted in Gold detailing, where the complex intricacies that thread through each and every poster, are gilded with crucial precision, setting it apart from any other print.

Mental Mechanism gives you a peak into the world of antique mechanics; pivotal works of engineering, that forever changed the world. Do you recognize the mechanics featured in the different art works, or are they a mystery to you? Ragnhild Jevne has given a new-life to feats of engineering long since taken for granted by most of us, and celebrates the tools and mechanics that have enabled our 21st Century, everyday conveniences. In artwork 03, you are looking at Tesla’s System of Electrical Distribution; a revolutionary invention, patented in 1888, that so greatly influenced the possibilities of electrical engineering and paved the way to the electric automotive of today’s and tomorrow’s world. In artwork 04, you see the inner workings of the infamous Bell and Howell 35mm Camera. Patented in 1912, this was the mastermind product of a humble movie theatre projectionist, and a projector repairs man. This feat of inventive genius and mechanical aptitude standardized, revolutionized and completely elevated the motion picture industry, and became the most widely used piece of equipment for the next half a century. The list goes on.

Ragnhild recognizes that consumerism and technology have advanced passed — and far beyond — anything we could have ever imagined, and done so at an unfathomable speed. We are now so immersed in a technological world, we fail to remember the journey to this point, and that behind all these products is a rich history, a team of intellectuals, creative thinkers and idealists, who are all too often forgotten. These artifacts of ground breaking technology did not just surface, but were created with pen on paper, literal drawing boards, mathematical scribbles and acute attention to detail. In the Mental Mechanism series, the artist invites us to stop for a moment, and look at what’s around us, and appreciate just how we got here.

The artworks are created with a deliberate use of mixed media, and mixed method. A combination of Illustrator enabled tech drawing, the originals recreated by the artist, then finely printed on high quality 275g/m Gmund Digital paper paper, with the Gold paint then intricately hand-painted with an architectural, to-the-line precision. This methodology is used to enforce the message; the greatness of the machine, and the humility of the humble human hand behind it, of the initial creator, and the contrast and compliment of the two working in unison. 
Ragnhild Jevne wants us to take a step back and value everything around us a little bit more. We have become such a ruthless, consumerist society, do we really want to buy and throw things, over and over, with no thought or awe given to the process? She also wants us to value the skill and creation of the human ability. Do we really want a world run by machinery, without ever connecting to the human? 

The choice of her colors, industrial greens, and the use of Gold, is to take the viewer back in time, and gild the mechanics with a deserved glory, as a tribute to their value. It’s a deliberate contrast to the modern day perception of industrial mechanics, where grey steels and sterile plastics are prevalent.