Mental Mechanism 04, The Bell
Mental Mechanism 04, The Bell
Mental Mechanism 04, The Bell
Mental Mechanism 04, The Bell

Mental Mechanism 04, The Bell

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Unframed original hand-painted print on 275g/m Gmund Digital paper.

Limited edition of 100, painted, signed and numbered by Ragnhild Jevne.

All of Ragnhild Jevne's prints are handmade fine art objects - they are not digital reproductions. Hand-painted Gold detailing on print, where the complex intricacies that thread through each and every poster, are gilded with crucial precision, setting it apart from any other print. 

With a limited edition of 100 of each print, this ensures their value as a collectible investment. Given the handmade nature of this process slight nuances between each print edition can be expected, ensuring it is a truly original piece of artwork.

About Artwork

In Mental Mechanism’s Artwork no. 4, The Bell, you see the inner workings of the infamous Bell and Howell 35mm Camera. Patented in 1912, this was the mastermind product of a humble movie theatre projectionist, and a projector repairs man. This feat of inventive genius and mechanical aptitude standardized, revolutionized and completely elevated the motion picture industry, and became the most widely used piece of equipment for the next half a century.

Colour Palette: Gray, Blue, Green & Gold

297 x 420mm / 11.7 x 16.5in

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