Mental Mechanism 07, The Tap
Mental Mechanism 07, The Tap
Mental Mechanism 07, The Tap
Mental Mechanism 07, The Tap

Mental Mechanism 07, The Tap

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First Edition Mixed Media Print by Ragnhild Jevne

  • 297 x 420mm / 11.7 x 16.5in
  • Hand Painted
  • Hand Signed
  • 275g/m Gmund Digital Paper.
  • Limited edition of 100

All of Ragnhild Jevne's prints are handmade fine art objects - they are not digital reproductions. Hand-painted Gold detailing on print, where the complex intricacies that thread through each and every poster, are gilded with crucial precision, setting it apart from any other print. 

With a limited edition of 100 of each print, this ensures their value as a collectible investment. Given the handmade nature of this process slight nuances between each print edition can be expected, ensuring it is a truly original piece of artwork.

About Artwork:

In Mental Mechanism’s Artwork no. 7, The Tap, we see an early version of the still widely used Tapping Machine. Used to create screw threads, a tap is the female portion of the mating pair, for example a nut, whereas a die is used to cut the male portion - the bolt. A simple but brilliantly effective tool that is still used today, and the bi-product - screws, nuts and bolts - a part of our everyday lives.

Colour Palette: Gray, Blue, Green & Gold

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